I would love the ability to move an element in a straight horizontal/vertical line :

1. Press and hold the SHIFT key

2. Select an element (hold down the mouse key)

3. Drag the element to a new position

This is possible in e.g. PowerPoint and Photoshop.

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Hi Ulrich, thanks for the suggestion.

Since holding the SHIFT key and then click on element will perform the selection in “plus” mode, so if we provide this feature, the step 1 and 2 should be exchanged.

BTW, I think ForeUI already provide some alternates for this feature, such as using the arrow keys to move element, or changing the X or Y value directly. So I will put it into the list and assign it a relatively low priority at this time.


Not sure if my issue is related. Say, I have a table with data in it. There are radio buttons on the very first column (single select table) but I have to add radio buttons to every row in the table. That’s ok. But when I tried to move the table, the radio buttons are not moving with the table. I understand that in the context of ForeUI, the radio buttons have nothing to do with the table, but is there a way to move the table along with anything that resides in it together?


  1. Hi ronald, although it is not related to this thread, your expected feature do exist :-)

    Table element can work as container, which means you can embed other element into it. Here is a description: <a href="; rel="nofollow"></a>

    In short, you can drag radio button (with right key holded) into the table cell, thus it becomes part of the table, and will be moved when table is moved.

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