My development team has been developing web applications for a while, and we have recently started using ForeUI in our requirements gather phase to demo and meet our clients approval. What we were wondering and hoping if there is a way to import our already existing front-ends into ForeUI or are we stuck having to build the plots form scratch?

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Hi Blaine,

Please keep an eye on updates at, there will be a number of new blog postings and software available for download next week.

Looksie aims to make the prototyping process a lot easier to execute and manage, and one way it will do this is to enable mockup generation from existing sources.

Looksie Release Candidate is being released next week, along with a Mockup Generator addin. The first release of the addin automates the generation of mockups from database tables so you can quickly create a form orientated mockup. v2 will generate mockups from www pages,

I expect to release v2 beta of the mockup generator in about 3-4 weeks.

Please feel free to submit any feature requests or suggestions on your ideal mockup generator.



Hi Blaine,

Since we have a very long todo list already, we could not consider this feature in the short term.

As Tim mentioned, Looksie will allow converting existing web pages into ForeUI plot, that’s really a promising feature. Let’s wait and see 🙂


Hi Blaine,

Looksie is ultimate mockup documenter, please refer to this announcement for more:

This release also includes a powerful Form style mockup generator from databases, and the generator from web pages will enter beta around mid September.


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