I have downloaded the trial version of ForeUI and I like the interface and functionality very much, but I cannot find the best way to incorporate and allow for feedback once a prototype is created. This is a key component necessary in the tool our team wishes to purchase.

Most of the projects I work on will require me to distribute the prototype to 3-10 other employees and/or customers and gather feedback, and comments. Is there a means to do this using ForeUI or does this need to be done using a third party tool?

Ideally I would like a way to publish the prototype to a URL, as you can with the “Export DHTML” but then I need a way to allow the users I distribute the URL to, to comment on the screens, add feedback, etc. At that point I need a way to review that feedback in the context of the screens and components it was added to.

I see how I can add annotations to the screens, but I do not see a way to allow others to provide feedback without giving them access to the full ForeUI GUI interface.

Is this possible? I have not been able to find a clean way to do this, but I am new to the program.



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Hi Patrick,

The features you mentioned are already in our “long-term” schedule. We would release plugins to offer these in the future.

At the time being you can still make the feedback collection by doing more dirty work. You will need to have a blog or forum to host your exported DHTML simulation. Your simulation can be shown within an iframe object, and others can leave comment on the post, thus you can get the feedback. You can take a look at this example:, at the bottom of this post, there is a iframe that contains a ForeUI simulation (a guess number game), you can interact with it and leave comment if you want.

Also ForeUI provides the iFrame element, which allows you to embed other web page in your simulation, so embedding a page that can accept input content could be another way to collect feedback.

Of course all these are just workaround, it will be great if we offer the online simulation hosting, which supports feedback collection & management. I believe we will have it in the future 🙂


Hello, i know i shall not bring up old topics 😉 But this thread is on the long-term schedule and only 9 months old, so i hope it is o.k.? 🙂

I am asked to built in something like that feature asked for in first question into our gui-Developement.

Is there anything new or still same workaround suggested?



Hi Seb,

It is ok since your question is related to this topic 🙂

Currently we are still focus on building the foundation of ForeUI, so we don’t have news at this aspect yet.

The different thing is that, now in V3.0+, we have the “Get JSON Object” action, which can be used to talk to back-end web service. I believe it is an other potential way to collect feedback from reviewer. However, you will still need to have a web server to store the web service and the feedback data.


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