When I use the color pipette to select the color of an existing element for another element, the pipette does not take the correct color code. The color is always close to the original, but not exactly the same.

See also the attachment, where I hovered the pipette over the orange box, to select it’s color #E95700 to select it for the black box: the pipette does not show #E95700 but the incorrect color code #E93D00.

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Hi Ulrich, can you double check the opacity of the orange box? The color picker is picking the color on the screen, if the element is not 100% opaque, the color on screen will be the mix of color of element and the background color.

If your orange box is fully opaque and the color picker can not get its correct background color, that is an issue that need to be fixed.


Hi Xavier,

I checked it and it’s also not working when the opacity is 100%. You should be able to reproduce it very easy ?


Unfortunately I was not able to reproduce it.

I just noticed that you are running a tool to control the screen brightness, would that affect the result?

I don’t have a Mac machine on hand now so I could not check it myself.


I just tried to reproduce the problem on my Windows XP computer, but it’s working fine.

Could it be an issue related to Mac?

Here’s a screenshot:

(The small window above the orange rectangle is my color-program WhatColor, and it is showing the same color as shown in the Properties bar in ForeUI.)


I believe that you can’t reproduce it, but I still have this problem. See attachment: I hover over the orange box (#E95700, Opacity 255) but the color-picker shows me #E93D00.
Maybe this is a problem on Mac? It really sucks, because I have to type in all color changes…

  1. I have installed Shades (the lightness control tool) and try it on my iMac, but still can't reproduce the problem. Are there other tools on your system can control the screen output?

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