You will probably already cover this in your documentation once the Beta is done, but I would like to know what this Get Json action does and if it is feature complete yet.

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This feature is completed and it can work now. We are still working on the documentation and the new user guide will have detailed description for it.

This new action allows ForeUI plot to get data from web service via JSON API. More specifically, it will get JSONP object from remote server, and save it as an Object type custom property. It is an interface for ForeUI plot to interact with other web service.

I will write a blog post soon, to introduce this feature, and provide some examples.

  1. Thank you ViVi for the great response.

Hi Vivi,

I’m looking forward to more hearing about this new feature, in particular, I’d like to know more about the use of object types in ForeUI and also whether the JSON data can be loaded from a local file using the file:// syntax.

  1. Hi Alan, I will have those introduced in my blog post as well.

Sounds Great


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