New Feature: new bar chart element.

New Feature: new switch flow control for behavior editing.

New Feature: drag and drop support in behavior editor.

New Feature: context menu that provides cut/copy/paste commands in behavior editor.

Enhancement: Press Shift to lock aspect ratio when resizing

Enhancement: Avoid moving element just after the selecting.

Enhancement: Some new hotkeys:

    ESC to close the text editor

    ESC to close page manage window

    Ctrl+X (CMD+X in Mac) to cut node in behavior editor

    Ctrl+C (CMD+C in Mac) to copy node in behavior editor

    Ctrl+V (CMD+V in Mac) to paste node in behavior editor

Fixed Bug_0101: The background of element chooser should be fully filled with plot’s background color

Fixed Bug_0102: Some buttons in text editor are hidden when using Windows’ native look and feel.

Fixed Bug_0103: Item with spaces in MenuBar element is not highlighted correctly.

Fixed Bug_0104: Element default font should be the same with the tool’s default font.

Fixed Bug_0105: Group members’ z values are ignored in simulation.

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Great new features and enhancements! :o) Thanks!


Regarding “New Feature: drag and drop support in behavior editor.”:

I really like this feature! However, I have a small request: Please add support for multi-select if possible.

  1. I'm glad that you like it. True the multi-selection will be more handy, yet this enhancement is rather big, since it affact the whole behavior of behavior tree. Anyway we will plan a suitable timeframe to implement it.

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