Is there a way to change the font color in individual tabs, or on a table header, and not have it apply to all the elements in the table (or the other tabs) for the tabbed pane? I tried with HTML tags but can’t see the result. I am still evaluating the product for our company so am not running the full version where I can run the prototype.

Is there a way to create a checkbox tree (other than by faking it with icons)?

Do you plan to add collaborative features down the line?

Thank you!

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Hi Gigi,

So far the text color for individual tabs or table header is not supported, but here is a workaround: you can place a text label (with different color) over the tab or table header.

Checkbox tree element is not provided yet. I think you can consider making such a custom element with several checkboxes.

The collaborative features are still under consideration.


I am seeing quite a few comments a year back about customizing header for tables, did you guys consider this? I don’t think so. I think it’s a very basic UI pattern that the table header should be flexible to have different color and font options. I saw some posts for work around but I think your team should really get this without the work around.



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