Enhancements suggestions:

(Some of these have already been mentioned at some point, but I repeat them so you know someone else wants them)

1. Switch Branch editing:

Ability to maintain cases within main Action editor window instead of having the separate Switch Branching popup – annoying switching back and forth

2. Bulk adding for Switch Branches:

I want to add a case for all X items in a tree list (say 10 items), ability to specify a number range and have Case 1… Case X added

3. Ability to create copies of element by Left Mouse Click + Ctrl key and dragging.

4.Recent Files submenu on File menu, last 10 files opened

5. Fix required: Top right buttons are still blank in all File Dialogs

6. Add Global Properties

* Current_Page_Name

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Hi Tim, thanks for the suggestions.

The button missing problem in 5th only happens when using system look and feel in Windows 7. I guess we can not fix it on our side, it should be fixed in JRE where the system look and feel is implemented.

As for the 6th, I think ForeUI already has this ability. Have you met any problem when operating with elements in master pages?

Since we are still in holidays, we will review other items later.

  1. Cheers. I replaced #6 with Global Properties addition as I forgot you can already operate on elements in other pages.

7. When RIGHT clicking item in Actions tree, item is selected immediately, at the moment you have to left click, then right click for context menu.

8. Access to additional properties for Operate on Element
– Selected Item Text (has been mentioned a while back) – be very handy if a Trim was applied to the text to get rid of Tab/Space chars.

9. Support for expressions when doing setting Selected Item Index e.g. I want to use {Current_Page_Index} to set selected index in a Tree.


10. Hover Cursor property for all elements where Cursor is changed only when the cursor is over the element, it’s painful doing a MouseOver/MouseOut event for each element.

It is then restored to previous cursor after MouseOut.


11. On Pages in this Plot tool window, I want to change the page name and set the master. I have to hit Apply after changing the name but before changing the master as the master is changed immediately and the page name change is lost. Changing Master should either only change if Applied, or not reset other setting values.


12. Changing fonts – Autocomplete on font selection combobox instead of having to scroll through list, recently used fonts at top.


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