I’m using the Tooltip-Construct, it is quite a good workaround.

To avoid having several Tooltip-Textboxes (with different ID’s) I’d like to put one single in the Masterpage. So all Actions use the same Tooltip and can be copied as needed.

Unfortunately, If Textbox is in Masterpage, it appears behind the elements in current page although it has Z-layer of 10000.

I tried to workaround this by re-seting the Z-layer, but it seems that only X and Y could be set.

How can I force the Tooltip-Box into foreground?

Many thanks


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Hi Hans,

It is a known issue of IE (guess you were using IE?). We have a similar discussion on this issue:…

You will not need to fight with this in the coming V3.0, meanwhile you can choose other web browsers to run the simulation. Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera should work well for this.


Hi Vivi

I tried Firefox 11.0 but it doesn’t work at all.

No interaction is taking place. I behaves like there where an invisible Layout on top of all which block all mouse-Clicks…


Please take a look at this example:…

It works on browsers except IE.



The example above (also other examples from foreui) work fine with firefox.

My foreui-project doesn’t work at all. Is there some known issue, about one can doing wrong something considering firefox (or other browsers than IE)?

As I mentioned, running it on firefox will show the first page correctly, but there is no interaction possible???


Hi Hans,

From your description I guess there are some JavaScript errors in your simulation, which is usually caused by syntax error in expression. In 3.0 ForeUI will do the diagnosis for you, but in 2.xx it is not easy to find it manually. You can send us your plot file and we may help you to figure it out.


Hello ViVi

I’ve figured it out. The reason why firefox didn’t allow interactions was in my top masterpage. There, I had a rectangle to mark the border of the application window. This rectangel, though it’s area was invisible, hat a z-layer index of 8. The rest of the elements in all my subpages are 0 or 1 or 2. It seems, that the interactive elements never got a mouse over or similar event due to the top most rectangle caught everything.

I set the z-layer index to 0 and everything (also the tooltip) works fine with firefox.

Thanks anyway for your offer to have a look at my plot file. Probably, I’ll come back to that later 😉

And many thanks for your proper and fast help!


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