Hello. It is great set of elements and actions in ForeUI, but I can’t understand how I can close an opened page. Assume we have a page with a tabset. On the first tab I have some logic with buttons and popups made by opening new page with main page as a “master page”. But when I click on the second tab, I still see page opened via the first tab’s buttons and don’t know what I should do to close it.

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Hi Oleg,

I guess you mean the approach to simulate popup window introduced on this page?….

If so you just need to switch back to the main page to “close” the popup window, using the “Go to Page” action.

In your example, if you want to “close” the popup window when clicking the second tab, you just need to handle the “Selection Changed” event for the Tabs element and call the “Go to Page” action to switch back to the main page. Like this:


Hi, ViVi, I’ve tried as you write, but the problem is (as I wrote in other question) that the ‘Selection Changed’ event of Tab element fired even if I just change selected row of a table inside the tab and I can’t use it to avoid unpredictable behavior.

  1. Hi Oleg, if you want to "close" the popup window when changing the selected row in the table, you could handle the "Selection Changed" event for that Table element.

Sorry, may be my English is too bad and I can’t explain my problem.

Let’s try again.

I have a tabset with two tabs. Each tab has some elements including a table.

I add a simple action to ‘selection changed’ event of the tabset.

For example, ‘show message’:

And during the simulation I see this message when I change selected row of the table. I think it is wrong and this event have not to be fired from the table.


Hi Oleg,

I am sorry that I misunderstood the question while your description was quite clear 🙂

I was surprised when I reproduced the problem you mentioned, since it is not that difficult to find out. However after calling my colleague, I understand that it is a behavior inherits from HTML/Javascript. It is called “event bubbling” and there are some cases that need this behavior. For example, you may want to capture the mouse clicking on any element that embedded into the container, instead of adding event handlers to all of these elements, you just need to put one event handler on the container.

Of course I understand that it also brings trouble in your case. The work around in my mind is to check if the event is really from the Tabs (tabset):

I hope this can help.


Thank you, it helped.


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