i don’t understand the whole concept of “global event”. When i add an event on a behaviour sometimes (not always) i am asked if this is to be “global” – e.g. on “mouse over”. But what does that mean?

I made a little test job with a button and mouse over (normal) and mouse over (global) events, changing the background color of 2 Text boxes.

The normal event changed color of text box. The global event did nothing visible.

Is there a tutorial/blog/example? I did not find anything so far, though searching.

thanks for help and regards!

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Hi Seb,

You can find some introduction about global event here:…

In short, the global event can be triggered any where, while the non-global event can only be triggered by the element that own this event.

So Global Mouse Over event will be triggered every time you move your mouse cursor, no matter the cursor is on the element or not.


Hi Vivi,

ah, that helps. Thank you!




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