Does ForeUI only work with the legacy OSX 1.6 JVM? The FAQ states

“First make sure you have installed JRE6 or above in your system, ….”

I’ve got JVM’s for 1.7 and 1.8 installed, but ForeUI will not start.




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Staff July 15, 2015

Hi Eric,

ForeUI will support Java 7+ since V4.0. The beta version will be released very soon.

Meanwhile, installing the legacy 1.6 JVM doesn’t hurt at all. Other applications will still work on JRE 1.7 or 1.8, if they could. For now you can just install the legacy 1.6 JVM to run ForeUI.

Staff July 21, 2015

ForeUI V4.0 beta is released today, and since this version, ForeUI works on Java 1.7 and above. So the legacy JVM is no more needed.


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It’s possible that they may require the legacy OSX 1.6 JVM and may not be compatible with newer versions, but further investigation is necessary to confirm this. If you’re encountering issues with it not starting even after installing JRE6 or above, one possible solution could be to fix sheetrock on your system or consult the software’s support team for assistance.


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