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New Feature: New iFrame & Web Browser Elements

New Feature: New “Element Hidden” and “Window Closed” events.

New Feature: Add note on page (can be exported to PDF as page footer).

New Feature: New “Set System Cursor” Action.

New Feature: New “Change Size” Action for text box element.

New Feature: New “Change Opacity” Action for text box element.

New Feature: New “Change Background Color” Action for text box element.

New Feature: New “Change Text Color” Action for text box element.

Enhancement: Allow manipulating elements on master page from other pages.

Enhancement: TextEditBox element does not paint the caret by default.

Enhancement: Smarter id allocation.

Enhancement: Show page title in the browser status bar.

Enhancement: Allow turn on/off the z value auto adjustment when overlapping elements.

Fixed Bug_0093: The actions on page level is not updated when involved element id is changed.

Fixed Bug_0094: The element id “A_B_C” is regarded as “A_B” when trying to edit the id.

Fixed Bug_0095: JS exception when click on Table/List/Tree/Menu/Tabs that has no “Selection Changed” event handler.

Fixed Bug_0096: Copy & paste multiple elements, the element id in actions are not mapped correctly.

Fixed Bug_0097: “Page Loaded” event handler is invoked twice.

Fixed Bug_0098: The master page background is not updated immediately when switching the UI theme.

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“New Feature: New “Change Background Color” Action for text box element.”

I can’t seem to make it work… Could you please check, that the feature is “bug free”? If it works at your place, I can send you a plot file.

  1. It works, but you need to make sure the opacity of text box is not zero... Its default value is zero ;-)
  2. Well... I can make it work for Text (which have 0 % opacity by defauit), but I can't make it work for the Text Edit Box (which have 100 % opacity by dafault).
  3. Just checked it, it is a bug that the text edit box lists these new actions, since we only add these actions to text box. The text edit box use image as the background, so it can not support these actions for now (except the action to change the text color).

You have added some great features in 1.60! Thanks! :o)



“New Feature: New iFrame & Web Browser Elements”

Very nice feature!

Could you add the ability to control the scroll bars of the iframe?:



Horizontal on/off

Vertical on/off

  1. Interesting, we'll consider adding these :-)

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