The page number is shown in the ForeUI “status bar”. Could you add the page name?

Like this:

Pages: 9/11 This is the name of the page

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Ok, it is quite easy.


It is included in V1.60

  1. Did this really make into v1.6? I've got that version up right now, and still can't find the page name. The status bar page selector only shows "Pages: 1/9".
  2. Hi Michael, yes it is in V1.60, the page indicator should looks like "Pages (1/9) : Page Name"

Xavier, thanks for the response. Here’s the lower-left corner page indicator on my screen:

Trust me, that page has a proper name, along with the rest of the pages in the plot. And it really is build v1.6 — I double-checked. This is on a Mac, just in case that matters.


Oh~ Seems I misunderstood Ulrich’s suggestion, I thought he is talking about the simulation in web browser…… so the new feature in V1.6 is to show page name in browser’s status bar…Obviously I was wrong 😉

Alright we will add this in the next version.

  1. Thanks for solving the mystery, and for a fix in the next release.

Yes, I thought about the “status bar” in ForeUI :o)


Actually, I think you should remove it from the browser – it might take too much focus when running the simulation. The user shouldn’t really notice “the turn of the page”.


As for the status bar text in simulation mode, sometimes we may need this info to make sure the prototype is working correctly. Actually most browsers will forbid the script to change its status bar text by default (except IE), so I think the status bar text is for the deisiner and in most cases the reviewer will not see it.


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