Could you add the ability to show icons in a table?

Like this:


– And could you maybe include that feature when you fix some of the bugs? It could make things much easier in my prototype :o)

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This feature is planned for long time, yet it is still a big challenge. We will try to provide this feature soon, but no guarantee 🙂


Ok, that’s fair enogh :o)


To take the idea further, I would love to be able to insert an image anywhere I can type text. See attached image for an example…


Thanks for the suggestion, Ulrich and Daniel. We may need more time to work on this as the image in table also affact the table row height. We need to re-adjust the layout for the table when image is invoked.

As for the image in menu bar, it is much easier. We can implement it like we did in the List element.


The icon support in menu bar is available from V2.15
The table icon (as embedded element) is available from V2.22


So how exactly do you insert an image as an embedded element in the table? I tried to put [img27] into the cell but it does not do the trick. I have an image called img27.

Is there a page that includes basic questions that new users can look at? Other than this question, I asked about pop up windows and there is actually a great page that shows the concept. It would be nice to group all these pages together in one place so newbies like me can find them easier.



Right-click and drag the icon onto the table (or group).

Take a look at this:

And I recommend that you take a look at the blog.

  1. Perfect. You have once again solved my problem in a timely fashion AND gave me a perfect pointer for what I was looking for. Sorry for my stupid questions.
  2. Actually, one more question. Can you change a table cell content to include an image when a button is clicked? I am using the change table cell content event.

You are welcome 🙂

With a click on a button you can show/hide an icon within a table. So if you put the icon into table and make it invisible you can make it visible when the button is clicked.


Thank Ulrich, you’ve made very good answers.

I can’t agree more 🙂


Sorry for bringing this old thread up again, but my question relates to it, so i think it is better to continue the thread instead of starting a new one.

I try to include a few icons in a table (there shall be a little pencil in one coloumn in each row as a sign for opening/changing/writing the rows data).

I can drag it in plot outline into the group of the table, but the location of the item especially several items is not controllable as it is more orientated on position in container (Group) instead of just being an element in a row/coloumn grid.

I hope you can understand my description?

Maybe including of icons in tables can be reconsidered one day.

e.g.: simple editing by [marks] in table:

colomn1,[img12; Attributes w:h],coloumn3

or similar solution.

Probably a difficult thing, though.


Hi Seb,

Embedding multiple elements into table is kind of tricky. If you embed them one by one, each of them will be wrapped in a separated Group container, which makes it difficult to change the layout.

There is a workaround, you can group those elements before embedding into table, then they will stay in the same Group after the embedding, and you will feel easier to change the layout.


Hi Vivi,

as far as i tried to reproduce your idea, this is not working.

Grouping 3 little elements (as a coloumn) and then embedding it into a table results in 3 grouped elements above each other in ONE single cell instead of

3 little elements in a coloumn of a table where every cell of the coloumn has its own element.

Pictures in tables are treated more like pictures in a picture (position hightxwidth-orientated) not like text in a cell (position is cell orientated).

It is a minor issue though, so IMHO it could be reconsidered one long day later 🙂


I am not sure how you did it, but it works for me, as shown in the figure below:


hi vivi,

thats, what i described: All your grouped elements are in the same cell.

My intention is to put a little icon in each cell of the product range.

so there would be an image before (or at the place of) the words GnRaiser, one before GnCore, one before WindRx.

You have different approaches towards that in table and in list:

In the table you can move the position of the icon, but it is very difficult to line up all say in the middle of its cell.

Embedding needs grouping. The good thing is: you can change size of images.

It is difficult to change icons in cells or even to get it at the right position – and it might be strange when you change the layout of the whole table.

Different approach in lists: it is easy to put an icon into it and even to change it by just changing its name – but it is impossible to change the size of the icon. You need to resize it first.

It all might be an HTML5 thing after all, nevertheless it would be great if embedding would offer more flexibility in both kinds of elements. (lists and tables, and probably other elements, too)


Hi Seb, thanks for the suggestion. Now we understand your concern. This will be complicated, but we will try to improve it.


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