As of now you cannot add any event to a gorup. Could you maybe add the ability to make a group clickable?

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The group element will be converted to “Div” tags in simulation, and all its members will be placed inside the layer.

If you define an event handler on the group, let’s say the “Element Clicked” event handler, it will only work when you click on the area that is NOT covered by the members, since the mouse event will be hijacked by the members. So we think providing such kind of group action is not so meaningful. Thought?


Well, no… not if that’s the way it will work :o)

I imagined, that the group would act as a whole.

For instance I’ve created a “dumb” toolbar in which only a few of the icons are actually “working”. In this situation, I’d like to group all of the “dumb” icons and attach an “clicked on” event, that would show the user a message saying, that “This functionality is not part of the prototype”.

As of now, I can solve this in three ways:

1. Attach “Clicked on” events to each “dumb” icon

2. Insert transparent rectangles that covers more than one icon and act as a common “trigger”

3. Combine the icons in question in one image in a image editor

On top of that I’d like the possible empty space of group not to react on the event. Only the elements in the group should react – but the should react in the same way. It seems that the opposite behavior will appear according to your description.


I understand your need, actually we also want to implement this, yet its hard to break the limitation. Its hard to pass the mouse event from one html object to its parent.

BTW, I think the second way you mentioned is the best work around, it is simple and works.


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