Making Prototyps of Browsergames with ForeUI i need make Buttons with Backgroundgrafiks, hover-effekts like glow and other thinks like that.

After seeing what realy cool features are in V3 i hope you my include this one too.

Here a feature list:

– define grafiks for the different condition of the button (activ, inaktiv, blocked, mouseover, klicked, custom conditions)

– define left,top,right,bottom grafik and one horizontal and vertical for custom size

– the button should have text like a textbox

– before/after or instead the text could be a grafik/icon

More features:

– define tooltip text/grafik for every condidtion

– define appearance of the tooltip the same way like the button

– special tooltip including page as content

Extra features:

– no “mouse out” for elements with in the area of the element

– Table/list for all button to edit Text or Grafik

– button groups for edit properties

– multilanguage for textelement (define two (or more) languages)

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Hi Yasofies,

Thanks for the suggestion. The element style definition is a feature of UI theme editor (a ForeUI plugin to develop UI theme), which allow defining the look of element on any state (including background, border, text color etc.).

As for the dynamic text on button and tooltip for any element, They are already on our list, and you will see it soon.

  1. So where can i get this UI them editor?
  2. It is not released yet. But the UI themes included in V3.0 are all created by this editor.

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