I’d like to see something put in place to help with creating footers. Currently if I want a footer, I have to replicated it on every page. I can’t put it on a master page because the content on various pages in the prototype are various lengths. I’d like to be able to maintain my footer in one spot and have it always appear a set distance beneath the last element on the page.

One way to do this would be through a special kind of master specifically for footers where you could specify the content and how far beneath the last element it should appear. This might be a little problematic though when you start to consider multiple levels of master pages, don’t know if that would be difficult to implement.

Another approach would be to somehow allow the location of the last element on the page to be accessed through code. Then I could put the footer on my master and automatically adjust its position with a single event on page load.

I’m also open to other ideas on how this might be addressed. Not really interested in having an accordion on every page though.

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I have had this problem as well. I had to copy and paste the content as a group and adjust it manually for each page.


I would love to see this feature.

Another alternative, would be to allow a setting per page, to “clean up” or remove vertical white space based on a specified amount.

This way the whole page could accordian as you hide and show elements. Performing this within accordians is currrently too much of a headache.


Thanks for the suggestions, and I understand the need for this feature.

I think the simplest solution is to have a new “Footer” element, which can be used as a container and allows you to specify its position related to the rest content of the page.


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