How can I have a accordion expanded/collapsed. I tried the below and it didn’t work. If someone could give me working example that would be helpful. Thanks

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Hi varun,

Assume you want to expand the first 3 sections of an accordion when the page is loaded, you can define the page action like this:

You can also use the “Collapse Accordion Section” action to collapse a section, but please make sure the accordion element has the “multiple expansions” attribute, or the collapse action will be ignored (since ForeUI doesn’t know which section should be expanded after that).


I m sorry this might sound dumb, but I tried to find where is this Page loaded option. Is this a part of Add event list? I am pretty sure I couldn’t find it there. Thanks

  1. To define the page action, you can:

    (1) Do not select any element in the page, then press Ctrl+D (CMD+D in MAC)

    or (2) Do not select any element in the page, click the mouse right button to bring out the context menu in editing area, you will find a "Define Page Action..." item.

    or (3) Open the page management window, on the right side of the window, you will see the "Page Action" label and a "Define..." button. Clicking that button will allow you to define the page action.

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