I’ve setup an action on a radio button so that when I select that radio button, a Text Edit field is changed to Disabled state and its contents are cleared.

However, when I run the simulation, two things are happening incorrectly:

1- the text edit does not appear as disabled (in WinXP rendering mode ONLY), and

2- I am still able to type text, and the text typed does look like it is in Disabled state (in ALL rendering modes).

Here is the action setup:

For Element: RadioButton_optIncorrectAmt

Element Clicked

Select Element “RadioButton_optIncorrectAmt”

Unselect Element “RadioButton_optPaidByOtherMeans, RadioButton_optVoucherFromThirdParty, RadioButton_optTelephoneTran”

Set “TextEditBox_txtARD” value to “”

Change Element “TextEditBox_txtARD” to “Disabled” State

Thanks in advance for your help!

Am I doing something wrong?


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Hello Marco,

Thanks for reporting this. I confirm it is a bug, and we will fix it in 3.0 offical release (will be end of September).


Thanks for the reply, ViVi. Will look forward to the release.



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