Guys, I love the product but it mysteriously crashes with no warning on a consistent basis.

It only happens when I’m working from home and have VPN on. I thought it was because I was working with the file off of a remote server, but tonight I’ve been working from a file on my C: drive. We use CISCO VPN client. I keep losing work 🙁

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Hi J Raub,

That’s a pretty strange issue, we sometimes use VPN but never meet this problem.

Can you provide more details to reproduce the problem? Will ForeUI crash immediately just after you launch it (with VPN opened)? I guess there must be an event to trigger the crash, what is that event?

  1. It doesn't crash immediately and it isn't consistent on the timing. I have no idea on the event. Would this be captured in a log anywhere?

Maybe you can take a look at the “log” folder in the install directory. However we never saw an error that can crash the entire appliaction.

Can you describe the crash behavior? Is the window closed silently? Or the window has no response?


Let me know your email and I’ll forward the log file for you to scan.


Hi, please send the log file to, thanks.


Hi J Raub, ForeUI V2.15 allows you to change the workspace folder, you can try it to see if it can help.


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