Hi Xavier:

I’m wondering if these features can be included some point down the road:

1. When operating on an element, we choose an element on a page, can ForeUI remember the page we choose, so that when I select ‘Operate on element’ again and click ‘choose,’ the previously selected page is chosen? I often have to operate on multiple elements on a (different) page, and it’s quite cumbersome to have to select that page everytime.

2. In the Options page of ForeUI, can we specify the defult operations for the various elements. For example, 95% of the time, when I operate on a comboBox, it’s to select an index. Yet the default currently is ‘Id of the element,’ Another example is the table. 90% of the time, when I operate on a table, it is to set the cell value. Yet, the default action is ‘change visibility.’ So,I have to change the action EVERY time. That gets a bit much. If we can set our own global default action per element, that would be really great.

Thanks Xavier. It’s a great product. Keep up the phenomenal work!

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Hi Justin, thanks for the constructive suggestions.

I agree with the 1st point, remembering the last selected page will improve the experience.

As for the 2nd point, that’s a quite interesting topic. I understand the need but I think setting the default operation for all element is quite heavy to most users. I think we may implement a smart sorting engine, which will sort the operations according to the frequency they are used. The most frequently used operation will be listed at top and will be selected by default. Also this engine can be used for properties…


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