Good Introduction to different actions and tasks?

As i am trying to learn foreUI without being a programmer i am looking for a good tutorial or reference guide for all the possible ways of programming behaviour.

Are there any recommendations?

For example i would like to know what “Element initialized” means and why and how using loops.

thanks for any hints!

P.S.: of course i am studying the foreUImanual – but i need to know more.

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Hi Seb,

So far the best material to learn ForeUI is still ForeUI document (….) and our blog (

I know you are reading them, so now we know how to improve the document 🙂

When the HTML5 simulation is loaded by web browser, all elements will be loaded and initialized. Once the element is initialized, the “Element Initialized” event will be triggered. This event is useful if you want to execute some actions at the beginning of simulation.

For example, if you want to start a looping to do some animation, you will need to handle the “Element Initialized” event and put some logic into its handler. This example is using this approach:…, you can download the “Loading Wheel” element from ForeUI store and check out its behavior.


HI Vivi,

thanks for the link – i have only read the pdf-manual before. Did not find the mentioned webpage so far – so maybe a bit better “advertisement” for this online-document could be considered? (for blind-in-front-of-the-screen-people like me) 🙂

I will have a look at examples and will try out. Thanks for explaining “element initialized”.

  1. This online-document can also be access from menu "Help->Online Help Content" :-)
  2. Oh, thanks. That is far too easy :-)
    Some more links, spread over the forum and product and help websites would guide even the most blind new users to it. :-)

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