In my test file normal menu dissapears after mouse click or clicking other element and cannot be made visible again.

In my working file a normal menu is not visible at all.

is that the usual behaviour?

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Hi Seb,

It is menu’s default behavior that it hides itself when you choose any items on it, or you click on other element.

You can always use action to change its visibility and show it again.


Hi vivi,

so menu and multilevel menu hide themselves

whereas menubar, tab or list are constantly visible?

So if i want to have permanently visible menu i should prefer list or tree?

(otherwise it needs just to many behaviours to bring it always up again.)

For me it is not too suitable, but will work like this.

regards seb.


Hi Seb,

Yes, only Menu/Mutilevel Menu will hide itself.

If you need to override the default behavior of Menu/Multilevel Menu, that’s simple:


hi vivi, o.k. that helps. Thank you.


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