Hi, I can’t help it 🙂 i got another idea, maybe two:

Would it be possible to change the kind of an element in editing mode by a rather simple right mouseclick-Menu?

e.g. I got an area with several text edit boxes, properly arranged. Now i decide, that at one point a dropdown menu or a checkbox would be much more suitable.

wouldn’t it be great if i could keep size and position of the (former) text edit field and just switch the items behaviour into a dropdown box or checkbox or whatever?

Or, similar idea: like the brush in different programs: copying just size and/or position from one element to another (Maybe with choice, what of the element should be copied).

That could be also helpful, when you decide during creation, that another font or fontsize would be more suitable. It could make changes much easier.

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Hi Seb, thanks for the ideas.

I like the idea of “brush”, which make the formatting more easier. We will consider that.

However, converting multiple elements into different element is not easy. It will be difficult for an application to find out which kind of element can be converted to.


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