My project has 12 rows of 3 radio buttons each. a different button in each row is selected by dafult, and on page load all buttons are disabled until I check a check box. When I check the checkbox, I want the buttons to become enabled, but I want each radio button to maintain its present value. Right now, when I enable the radio buttons by checking the checkbox, they become enabled BUT all of them default to unselected. How do I get around that and illustrate the intended behavior of the system I am desgining?

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Hi Marco,

I guess you were using 36 Radio Button elements. When you set them to “Normal” state, for sure they will lose the selection, since it is not the “Selected” state.

In your case, using a “Radio Button Group” element to replace the 3 radio buttons will solve the problem. Setting the Radio Button Group to “Normal” state will not clear the selection of the radio buttons inside.


Thanks ViVI, this is great. I failed to notice the option to align the raadio button group horizontally, which is why I didn’t use it before. However, now I am having a different problem: the radio button group is not changing state from disabled to enabled (or vice-versa) when I click my checkbox element. What am I doing wrong now?! 🙂

Thanks, and awaiting your next reply!



Hi Marco,

Here is a working example:

In next version, the check box element will support “Selected” and “Unselected” event, the behavior can be simplified then (conditional branching can be removed).


Ok, finally got it to work.

I was setting it up correctly, but it turns out I was running version 3.00 SP1, rather than the latest 3.10 SP1. There may have been a bug in that older version, because it would not work until I upgraded to the new version. All is good now – I can proceed!

Thanks so much for the quick responses. Fantastic!



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