Goal: Start custom action when Mouse Over for more then 3 Seconds.

When i start the action “pause” and leave the button. i can make a condition to avoid the action following after the “pause”.

Problem: but if i move the mouse again over the button during teh 3 Seconds i make the other condition true after the “pause” of the first mouse over ends.

Question: So how can i split this up. so that every action get it own property for the condition.


Mouse Over

Set {over} Property to Value 1

Pause 3000 Milliseconds

Is Condition “{over} == 1” Satisfied?



Mouse Out

Set {over} Property to Value 0

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I found a workaround:

Mouse Over

Set {counter} Property to Value 0

Set {over} Property to Value 1

Loop While {counter} < 3 && {counter} == 1 (interval=1000ms)

Set {counter} Property to Value {counter}+1

Change “TextBox_4” text to “[TextBox_4.text] {counter}”

Is Condition “{counter} == 3” Satisfied?




Mouse Out

Set {over} Property to Value 0


Hi Yasofies, besides your workaround, you can achieve it with this:

In this example, I show/hide the placeholder as tooltip.

  1. sorry this won't work. this exactly shows my problem.
    (only if you wait after every mouse out for (1-)3 seconds there will be no errors)

    if you move your mouse for long time (more then 3 secounds) multible times over and out of the objekt. you will see that your placeholder get visible, although you haven't hold the mouse for 3 seconds over the button.

    this will because every mouse over start it own 3 second "pause". so return the mouse exactly after this 3 sconds are over the placeholder will go visible.

    there for my question if there is a way to end old running actions.
  2. Well, I think the last action for "Mouse Out" can do the trick. The placeholder will be hidden when mouse is moved out of the object.

    As for stopping running action, it depends on how you run the action, if the action is in conditional loop, you can make the condition checking fail to exit the loop.
  3. for the moment the mouse would be over the button the placeholder could be visible. there for the mouse out couldn't help.

    there will be two effekts:

    1: if i move the mouse fast over the button i will see the placeholder für miliseconds.

    2: if i keep the mouse over the button, it could happen that the placeholder appears befor the 3 seconds (cause an older action "pause" ends.).

    i know this is an edge case.

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