I’m trying to paste a multi-line Text Box into a Scrollable Container, but it is not accepting it. The only thing I was able to paste there was a List component.


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The scrollable container can accept any element, including a group of elements. But you could not use copy/paste for this. You can hold the right key and drag element into the container.


Hi Xavier. I could have sworn I was able to paste a list into the scrollable container. Thanks for the answer.


You are welcome 🙂

If you could reproduce the steps to paste element into the scrollable container, please let me know.


How can I add multiple elements to a single container? It seems that right-click-dragging only works for one element. Also, it seems that the element must be anchored to the top left corner and cannot be moved.
I’m trying to create a browser-like application where there are static elements at the top and bottom (such as tabs & address bar) with a scrollable area to view the page itself.

  1. As kennetheyoung mentioned below, you need to group multiple elements together, then drag it into the container.

I’m using V2.35 and am seeing the same issue. Once I add an element by dragging and dropping an element into the scrollable container, I can not add additional elements to create a scrollable button bar. I think it is broke. I’m going to roll back to the earlier version and see if it has ever worked correctly. If anyone knows a “work-around” please let me know.


Nope, has the same non-working behavior as V2.35. I can’t believe they released this upgrade through two revisions and it doesn’t work They must have created it to work in a different manner than right clicking on the object you want to add and dragging it into the scrollable container, but that makes no sense either. Can someone at EASynth please explain how to get this to work or get a a “HOT FIX”?


OK, hers’s the “solution”. If you go to the blog link – – and read it carefully, it does say that you have to “group” elements together into “a single group” and then place that single group into the scrollable container, so this IS NOT A BUG – the scrollable container just doesn’t work like everyone expects it to.

My goal was to make a horizontal scrollable button bar, so I used a “Table” element, 1 row high and 12 columns wide, put my “button” into the table, THEN dragged the table into the scrollable container (which must “initially” be the same size or larger in X,Y dimension as the parent object), then resized my scrollable container “down” to the correct size for my page.

I ran the simulation and it does work if done this way, but it seems like an unnecessary step that could be eliminated with a code change in ForeUI, but thanks to ForeUI for at least giving us this key element – now if you would give us the ability to “make invisible” the horizontal and vertical scroll handles, as these do not exist on phone apps, that would be GREAT!


Hi kennetheyoung, glad to know you have figured it out. The entired scrollbar can be hidden, you can find two buttons for this in the “Scroll” row in the floating tool pane.

If you want to hide just a part of the scrollbar, that seems not possible on technical view.

Adding multiple elements into container seems a little complex, maybe ForeUI could group them automacitally and then embed into the container.


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