Hi there…I just recently bought a license, and I am very excited to use the product! I was prompted to sign up for a mailing list, and I figured it would be a good way to get notice of updates and such.

I was taken to the sign-up page and entered my information. I hit subscribe and…..nothing. My information stayed in the fields, but the button produced no action. I figured something was broken, and I’d try to sign up later. To my surprise, however, I received about 9 subscription confirmation emails, one for each time I clicked the button.

I am running Google Chrome, so perhaps there is a browser problem here, but I would suggest providing some sort of positive feedback when users subscribe to the mailing list. it’s a minor thing, but I feel usability feedback is important for all aspects of a product.


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Thanks for telling us. I’ve just checked it. The problem really exist, specially when you are using Chrom browser.

Actually there is a delay after clicking the “Subscribe” button, and the web page will show a message (in green) after data is really submitted in the background. The submitting process may be long so you may think it is broken.

I think we can improve this by disabling the “Subscribe” button after you click it, and then change the text on the button to “Please Wait…”, thus you will not (and you can not) press the subscribe button again before submitting is done.


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