On a particular plot when I drag an image from the dock to the plot it actually overwrites an existing image and takes on its dimensions. My actual goal is to drag the image form the dock as a new object on the plot, not to replace an existing object.

I figured out a workaround by dragging into a blank area of the plot but it does not match my normal workflow

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Hi Andrew,

Actually it is the “import image” feature instead of a bug. When you drag image from image dock to an element that can accept image, the cursor will changed and you will be able to drop the image “into” that element. This is a shortcut to change the image in tree, list, menu etc.

When dragging image from image dock to an existed Image element in the plot, ForeUI will regard this as a replacement, and the content of the existed image will be replaced by the image being dragged.

There are two workarounds for this:
1. drag image from image dock to blank area of the plot (as you already did), then move it to desired position.
2. drag an empty Image element from left category to the editing area, then change its source in floating tool pane, or via the right click context menu.


Is there any way to provide an indication that you are about to replace an existing image? It would be helpful if the frame of the image you were about to replace was highlighted in some way. There is no hint that this is going to happen. I appreciate the value of this feature, but it is a natural affordance.



HI Andrew, the cursor will be changed if the import/replacement is going to happen. So if you see this cursor:, that means the image will be imported into the element below once you release the mouse button.


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