When i edit “launch.bat” -Xmx1500m to -Xmx1800m ForeUI don’t start any more.

Logfile stay emty. Only the Icon in the Windows7 Startbar aperas for a moment.

I have now 8GB RAM and like to use something about 3GB for ForeUI.

And i realy need it, if i open my (7mb and still growing) Plot it use 245-500 MB of RAM after some clicks i am soon up to 1GB.

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It is a because SUN’s Java VM needs the contiguous memory, here is a related discussion:…

Although you have large amount of RAM, it may be hard to allocate a contiguous memory like 3GB.

We have not tried, but it is said that using the Oracle JRockit VM could solve this. You can try it and let us know the result. You can change the JVM to use in the “ForeUI.ini” configure file.

Meanwhile, your plot file is kind of too big. Maybe you can consider separating it to several plots.


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