Maybe it is just me, but it takes a while for ForeUI to load after I start my computer. In other words, when I boot up my computer and I click on the ForeUI program icon, it takes almost a minute to load. Could you help me figure this out?

In addition to the problem itself, it is quite troublesome to recreate this problem, because I will have to restart my computer and test out the load time in order to recreate the problem.

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It is a drawback of Java apps. The system need to load some dependencies for JVM before starting the app. If you install Java SE 6 update 10 or above on your computer and assign it to ForeUI (in the “ForeUI.ini” file), it will become faster since system will auto start “jqs.exe” when startup, which will preload something and accelerate the app launching.

Anyway, even without the preloading, using about 1 min to load is quite long. Could you list hardware configuration here?

  1. How do I assign it to the .ini file? Updated: almost 34 seconds to load using 2.75

To assign the JRE to used for ForeUI, just change the JAVA_HOME variable definition in the “ForeUI.ini” file. Like this:

JAVA_HOME=(Your JRE location here)

  1. It says JAVA_HOME=. jre currently, is that correct?

“It says JAVA_HOME=. jre currently, is that correct? “

Yes and no. It means ForeUI will use the JRE in the “jre” folder in current directory, which is Java SE 6 update 2 I guess. If you wish ForeUI to use a newer JRE, you will need to install the JRE separately, then specify its location in “ForeUI.ini” file.

  1. I'm sorry, I am not very good with this unless I have an example. Where is the jre folder, could you provide me a step by step guide please?

There is a “jre” folder in the directory that ForeUI is installed, it is shipped with ForeUI and the version is “Java SE 6 update 2” (which is not quite new).

You can visit and download, install the latest version of JRE, then specify the path of newly installed JRE in the “ForeUI.ini” file. The default path of the newly installed JRE should be “C:Program FilesJavajre6u23” or something.

You can google “install JRE” to find more informations.

  1. Thank you, that is all that I needed to know.

Getting this error

  1. Have you installed the new JRE? Where is its location then?
    Second, the JAVA_HOME should point to the directory instead of the exe file, so remove the "binjavaw.exe" postfix

Yes, it is located in C:Program FilesJavajre6bin
My current ini file is as follows:


I have tried other variations, such as

JAVA_HOME=C:Program FilesJavajre6bin


JAVA_HOME=.C:Program FilesJavajre6binjavaw.exe

What should I do?

  1. Try this:
    JAVA_HOME=C:Program FilesJavajre6

34 seconds to load initially, what is the problem? Balsamiq takes 3 seconds, if that. Flairbuilder takes maybe 3.5.


I’m also seeing slower startup after upgrading. I don’t know if it began with the latest update or one of the updates before that.

  1. Finally someone agrees with me.
  2. My ForeUI uses 7 seconds to load after initial startup today, and I don't feel it is slower then ever. (Intel Duo Core 2.66GHz, 2G memory)

    We haven't enlarge the core of ForeUI recently, you can confirm that from the size of downloadable packages. Neither we changed the steps to load the application, so it is unlikely to be an issue caused by update.

    As a Windows user, I always find the system become slower and slower as I install more and more software. Would that be the possibility to slow down the loading?
  3. I have told you before that Balsamiq and Flairbuilder run much more quickly.

    I will give you a for instance:
    I have 356 programs installed, which accounts for 7.6GB of memory
    I have a laptop with the followings specifications:

    Operating System: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit (6.1, Build 7601) Service Pack 1 (7601.win7sp1_rtm.101119-1850)
    System Manufacturer: Dell Inc.
    System Model: Studio 1558
    BIOS: Ver 1.00 BIOS A10 PARTTBLr
    Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3 CPU M 330 @ 2.13GHz (4 CPUs), ~2.1GHz
    Memory: 4096MB RAM
    Available OS Memory: 3892MB RAM

    So, let's say for instance, that I had 100 programs, this ForeUI program should run with tremendous speed whether I have the added programs. Please consider testing this again. Thanks in advance.

I just closed ForeUI and opened it again. It took 35 seconds to open.

I’m running Windows 7 Enterprise 32-bit, and I had a fresh installation approx. 2 months ago.

Maybe it’s a Windows 7 issue?


Intel Core Duo T7300 2 GHz

4 GB Ram

  1. Maybe, my Windows XP takes 7 seconds and my Mac OS X takes only 3 seconds to load ForeUI. We will check that in Windows 7.
  2. Thanks for the update Xavier.
  3. I'm running Windows 7 x64 Ultimate
    Fresh load after system start ~5 seconds.
    QC Intel i7 2.66ghz (yes, reasonally snappy system).

    ForeUI has never taken ages to load.

    Xavier, perhaps you could add some debug logging for startup that we can enable and report back.
  4. That is an excellent idea, that would help.
  5. Thanks for the idea, Tim, we will add some debug loggings to track this issue in the next update.
  6. When will that update be, ballpark?
  7. I think it will be available at the end of this week, or the beginning of next week.
  8. Thanks.

Hi all, V2.77 is released today. In V2.77 you can turn the debug logging on by adding this node in the “settings.xml” file:

<entry key=”misc.log.level”>debug&lt/entry>

The “settings.xml” file can be found in the “(User Dir)/.foreui/conf” directory, where the (User Dir) is your account’s directory. In Windows 7, it should be “C:/Users/(username)”.

Once you turned on the debug logging, ForeUI will write some logs during the loading. The log files can be found in the “(User Dir)/.foreui/log” directory. These logs might tell us why the loading is slow.

  1. I have added that entry into the settings.xml file and it says the following:

    [2011-04-02 21:12:01,887] [AWT-EventQueue-0] [ERROR] com.easynth.foreui.widget.forms.editor.RootBehaviorEntityEditor
    java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com.easynth.foreui.widget.forms.editor.RootBehaviorEntityEditor

    Then it says:

    [2011-04-28 23:31:15,250] [AWT-EventQueue-0] [ERROR] C:Program Files (x86)EaSynthForeUIlaunch.bat (Access is denied) C:Program Files (x86)EaSynthForeUIlaunch.bat (Access is denied)

    And then

    [2011-04-28 23:31:15,299] [AWT-EventQueue-0] [ERROR] C:Program Files (x86) (Access is denied) C:Program Files (x86) (Access is denied)

    And finally

    After almost every line it says (Unknown Source)
  2. Ok, sorry the settings.xml file wasn't being read. Here is what the log says now:

    [2011-05-08 23:24:25,575] [main] [DEBUG] Starting ForeUI...
    [2011-05-08 23:24:25,576] [main] [DEBUG] Checking JRE...
    [2011-05-08 23:24:25,576] [main] [DEBUG] Checking for command line mode...
    [2011-05-08 23:24:25,577] [main] [DEBUG] Initializing GUI mode...
    [2011-05-08 23:24:25,579] [main] [DEBUG] Setup look and feel...
    [2011-05-08 23:24:25,692] [main] [DEBUG] Prepare launching...
    [2011-05-08 23:24:26,165] [main] [DEBUG] Synchronizing user folders...
    [2011-05-08 23:24:26,482] [main] [DEBUG] Loading initial plot...
    [2011-05-08 23:24:26,483] [main] [DEBUG] Loading main framework...
    [2011-05-08 23:24:36,012] [main] [DEBUG] Showing main window...
    [2011-05-08 23:24:36,035] [main] [DEBUG] ForeUI started.
    [2011-05-08 23:26:53,241] [main] [DEBUG] Starting ForeUI...
    [2011-05-08 23:26:53,242] [main] [DEBUG] Checking JRE...
    [2011-05-08 23:26:53,243] [main] [DEBUG] Checking for command line mode...
    [2011-05-08 23:26:53,243] [main] [DEBUG] Initializing GUI mode...
    [2011-05-08 23:26:53,245] [main] [DEBUG] Setup look and feel...
    [2011-05-08 23:26:53,332] [main] [DEBUG] Prepare launching...
    [2011-05-08 23:26:53,774] [main] [DEBUG] Synchronizing user folders...
    [2011-05-08 23:26:54,020] [main] [DEBUG] Loading initial plot...
    [2011-05-08 23:26:54,021] [main] [DEBUG] Loading main framework...
    [2011-05-08 23:27:03,852] [main] [DEBUG] Showing main window...
    [2011-05-08 23:27:03,867] [main] [DEBUG] ForeUI started.
    [2011-05-08 23:30:00,377] [main] [DEBUG] Starting ForeUI...
    [2011-05-08 23:30:00,379] [main] [DEBUG] Checking JRE...
    [2011-05-08 23:30:00,380] [main] [DEBUG] Checking for command line mode...
    [2011-05-08 23:30:00,380] [main] [DEBUG] Initializing GUI mode...
    [2011-05-08 23:31:22,073] [main] [DEBUG] Starting ForeUI...
    [2011-05-08 23:31:22,075] [main] [DEBUG] Checking JRE...
    [2011-05-08 23:31:22,075] [main] [DEBUG] Checking for command line mode...
    [2011-05-08 23:31:22,076] [main] [DEBUG] Initializing GUI mode...
    [2011-05-08 23:31:22,078] [main] [DEBUG] Setup look and feel...
    [2011-05-08 23:31:22,166] [main] [DEBUG] Prepare launching...
    [2011-05-08 23:31:22,726] [main] [DEBUG] Synchronizing user folders...
    [2011-05-08 23:31:22,973] [main] [DEBUG] Loading initial plot...
    [2011-05-08 23:31:22,974] [main] [DEBUG] Loading main framework...
    [2011-05-08 23:31:32,637] [main] [DEBUG] Showing main window...
    [2011-05-08 23:31:32,665] [main] [DEBUG] ForeUI started.
  3. Hi Jon, thanks for the logs. I can find 3 complete loading processes in the log, each of them takes about 10 seconds to load. Could you confirm that?

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