Both DHTML export and simulation break pages on very large plots. Every page beginning with page 48 (my prototype has 60 pages) is broken. I can move my pages around and it is consistently around page 48 where the screens begin to break. See examples below.

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Hi Denise, can you tell me the ForeUI version you are using?

It will be great if you could send us your plot file or the exported DHTML files to, thus we can reproduce the issue immediately.

  1. Xavier, I have emailed the plot file to <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>. I am on the latest version of ForeUI, 2.42.

The problem seems to happen only when the generated CSS file is very big and the simulation is run on IE.

IE has some limitations on CSS file size and file number:;;

It seems no perfect solution to solve all these in IE, so it is recommended to use other web browsers, such as FireFox, Safari, Chrome and Opera.


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