Many temporary directories are created under the workspace location and never deleted.

Folder names are like “0FEBA9C135B34489E078292FD0B2A992”

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Hi Kfir, these directories are for plot loading and html simulation files storage. If the plot is closed in ForeUI, or ForeUI application exits normally, these directories will be deleted.

If ForeUI exits in unusual way (such as stopping java.exe process in process manager), it may not have the chance to delete these directories before exiting.


Why not use the windows temp directory?

Where can I set the default location of my plot?

Using the same directory for both is not convenient, even if it is getting deleted after fore ui is closed.


Since ForeUI can also run in Mac OS X and Linux systems, we store these file in a common location: (userDir)/.foreui/workspace

This location can be changed in the “Misc” tab of settings window (check out “Workspace” section).





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