Hello, i am just testing and learning foreui (Evaluation Version). At present i use it on a Mac OS. My actual problem: I want to add a new page using the page management button. The page-management window opens, when clicking the button but dissapears sometimes when moving the mouse to the page management window. It seems it vanishes when moving mouse over page editing area.

How can i sove this problem? Or is it a feature instead of a bug?

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Hi Seb,

I am using Mac OS as well, but I can not reproduce the issue you mentioned. When will the page management window disappear? Clicking a button inside? or hovering in the plot editing area?

Could you let me know the version of ForeUI you are using? As I remember, old version (2.x) seems to have similar issue (auto hide page management window when moving mouse in plot edit area).

If you are using new version (>= 3.0) of ForeUI, could you post a screen shot to describe this issue? Thanks.


Hi Vivi,

now i had this issue again and could reproduce it:

Version is the newest try out 3.10 sp1.

When the page-management window (pmw) is in the “fix” mode (upper right where you can choose between maximize, minimize, pin, unpin, dock etc.) the behaviour is:

1) pmw is visible, as soon as mouse is over the workable page in working area the pmw dissapears. All other areas of mouse are fine)

2) it can be made visible again by clicking the page-management-button again.

Another issue during this state (“fix”-mode): i use two monitors, in fix mode the pmw dissapears when i move it to the second monitor. (the not main foreui monitor)

Hope it helps.

Issue is not that big problem any more as floating mode works fine.


Hi Seb,

When you said pmw is in the “fix” mode, did you mean it is docked into the framework?

I try to reproduce it on Mac OS X 10.8.2, but not succeed yet.

Is it possible the issue can only reproduced when using two monitors?


Hi vivi,

it definetly happend in an undocked mode.

Way to get there:

a) from docked mode, drag and drop pmw above element window (maybe even others, i didnt test all ways.

b) then: Menubar of pmw: there are different window options on the right hand side. fix, pin, maximise etc. (i choose “fix” – appears when mouse over) see added screenshot.

c) problem is there, pmw window looks like second image. can be solved by docking it again. its a bit annoying though.

hope that helps.

it also occurs when i am working only on first monitor (but with 2 monitors still on computer)


Hi Seb,

Thanks for the detailed description. Now I can reproduce it.

There are three possible modes for the page manage window (and other tool windows). One is “docked” mode, one is “float in frame” mode, and the other is “float outside” mode. If you drag the window out of the area of the main window, you will get the “float outside” mode (float as a separated window); If you drag the window within the area of main window, you will get the “float in frame” mode (window content can be clipped by the border of main window).

The issue you mentioned only exists in the window in “float in frame” mode, and the window must be unpinned. To work around it, you can do A or B below:

A. dock the window again and then drag it out of the main window area (to get “float outside” mode).

B. pin the window

Either approach should be able to workaround the issue. We may fix the issue in the future, but it is not priority now.


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