Hello, i am newbie using foreui. Actual Problem: I played around with different elements grouping and ungrouping. I want to delete a textbox and that seems to be impossible. As a result of trying a lot, i have now:

textbox_8 that is marked blue in plot outline overview,

in Tools Panel it shows path: Table_1 / Group_5 / Textbox_8

The textbox cannot be moved outside the table_1

But there is no Group_5 on this page to be seen in plot-outline-Window (maybe i have deleted it before or something else?)

(I have some other similar elements (marked blue in plot outline) that are hard to move and impossible to be deleted.)

Do you have any idea or trick how to delete this kind of undeletable objects?

thanks a lot for help!!

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Hi Seb,

It is a correct behavior that TextBox_8 can not be moved out from Table_1.

If the Group_5 is shown in the path, it should also be visible in the outline view. Please make sure you have not input any keyword in the filter of your outline view, so all elements are listed. If you delete Group_5, TextBox_8 will be deleted as well, since TextBox_8 is a member of Group_5.

Could you show me a screen shot of your outline view?


Version is 3.10 SP1

By the way: I probably used “drag and drop” in the plot outline-Window in order to duplicate and or move items.

I include screenshot.

As far as i see: there is no group that could be deleted – at least i cant get to it.

Hope you can help.


Hi Seb,

From your screenshot, I can see TextBox_8, Button_2 and Button_7 are in wrong state: they are not embedded to any container but are marked as embedded elements.

For sure this is caused by bug, but we need to reproduce the issue before fixing it. If you still remember how to make this happen, please let us know.

Anyway, these three elements are in wrong state, that may be the reason that delete command can not work. If you have not tried the “cut” command yet, you could give it a shot. If you could send us your plot file (to foreui[at], we can help you to fix the file.


hi vivi,

i try to reproduce the issue, not found the way yet. As i mentioned, it happend when i played around with window, textbox and Buttons grouping and moving it using the drag and drop function of plot outline. Somehow elements were duplicated. (i keep on trying and if i manage to reproduce, i let you know).

The cut command (right mouse-click-menu or ctrl+x) was tried by me before and now again, sadly without success.

Thanks for your offer of help!

How exactly could i extract the plot file in order to send it?



  1. Hi Seb, if you mean to "extract" a small part of plot to send to us, you can delete other unrelated pages and elements and save the plot as another .4ui file.

now i got one thing:

i moved an un not-embedded (non grouped) element (say Textbox_2) of page 2 into an existing group in page 1 using drag and drop of plot-outline-window.

In this case, the element is duplicated AND it can be part of the page 1 group although it is outside the grups original borders AND the original element in page 2 is marked blue although it is not a part of a group in page 2.

At present, both elements (Textbox_2) in both pages can be deleted at the same time, but both have a very strange behaviour as they still seem to be connected in some ways.

It seems that Textbox_2 in page 2 is blue and appears in page 2 but belongs to group 1 in page 1 and can only be moved inside group1’s boundaries.


Hi Seb,

Thanks for the information! I think you have found a bug 🙂

We will investigate it and fix it ASAP.


Hi vivi,

this issue is really annoying during work as putting elements into a container (e.g tab-group etc.) leads to duplicated elements where i completely loose control of touching, choosing, seeing and deleting. Suddenly elements are duplicated.

I have sent you an example plot via e-mail, it might hopefully help fixing the bug quickly.




Thanks for your hint of embedding in plot window. I will try but it is a bit tricky to get the grouping in the wanted way. i explain: embedding in plot window is likely to produce much more groups than needed if you could arrange it in the Outline window.


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