Hello, just learning and trying ForeUI. One of my actual problems: I have two calendars on a page (From / until). Everything worked fine first. Suddenly one calender is invisible (not only when marked visible/invisible) but it cannot be seen in editing mode at all. Only reason i believe, that element still exists in any transcendet form is: it can be found as calendar_3 when i search for calendars. (Find Elements). Even then, outline of element is shown, not the element itself.

The Behavior of the element is: Usually not visible, becomes visible when klicking a text box nearby. (Worked fine and works fine with 2nd Calendar element – but not any longer with the dissapeared first calender).

Maybe i have done some mistakes when introducing some behaviours. But i have no clue where to start, solving the problem.

Thanks for any helps and suggestions.

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Sorry, for bothering. It seems it has something to do with layers. Solved this issue. Nevertheless there is more to discover. Are there any good tutorials on Easynth ForeUI?




Hello Seb,

Glad to know your problem is solved. If you are looking for some tutorials, I would firstly suggest the online documents….. After reading these documents, you may also be interested in reading our blog:


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