I’m getting tons of jquery errors when trying to import my HTML5 output into eclipse with codeigniter. It seems that the jquery version being used is 1.7.2 and not the newer 1.9.0. Is there a way to change this? Is this an expected update to the jquery version being used any time soon?

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Hi Clint,

It is true that we are using JQuery 1.7.2 in the HTML5 simulation. However I have no idea why you want to import the HTML5 simulation into eclipse? If you want to make the secondary development based on it, it should not be a problem to use higher version of JQuery by yourself. You can just replace the jquery.js file in the “js” sub-directory with newer version and it should still work. I believe newer version of JQuery should have the compatible APIs.

Although we might update the JQuery version in the future, we don’t have the motivation to pursue the latest version at the time being. We will do so if we find a reason, such as better performance, or useful new features etc.


Swapping the jquery.js file didn’t work (though I thought it was a genius idea).

The new version of jquery does not use jquery.ui.js like in 1.7.2, so when we try to import the wireframes into our developement tools, it throws a huge amount of errors.


Clint, JQuery is using jquery-ui.js –

Also, have you read the upgrade guide? There is a migaration tool there –


ViVi, JQuery have improved its performance in 1.8.3 and in 1.9 – I think it’s just about time to upgrade to 1.9.1


Hi Clint, it seems that JQuery 1.9 has changed a lot of APIs, and it is not backward compatible anymore.

We should not update the JQuery version casually, since it may bring some issues, which is hard to find out immediately.

If you want to change to JQuery 1.9. I think you may need to use the “jQuery Migrate plugin”. You may need some extra works on this, but this should be feasible. I am afraid I could not support you in details on this, since this topic is out of our support scope. Thanks for understanding.


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