I have a screen that’s full of objects of which I want to change the state/visibility when a certain button is clicked. Specifically, I want to enable a quantity of objects that are disabled, some elements turned from invisible into visible, and some elements from visible into invisible.

However, this does not seem to work as you can see here:…

It somehow only seems to execute the *first* action and ignore the rest. What gives? It looks like a bug to me, or am I overlooking something obvious?

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Hi Remco,

I can not access your swf file, our network is not so good these days, can you send this swf file to my mailbox? xavier.young[at], thanks!

We will check it ASAP once we understand the problem.


Thanks Remco, I’ve receive the swf file.

There is a script error occured when first element changed its state. I think it is a bug introduced from v1.35, it is reported as Bug_0082 and will be fixed in v1.50 (coming soon).


The Bug_0082 is fixed in V1.50 🙂


I can indeed confirm that it works as expected in 1.50. Thanks a lot!!!


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