I’ve grouped some elements, and before grouping the different elements I have assigned different Z-values to make sure they would be shown in the right “layer-order”.

However, when I run the simulation the “layers” get’s messed up, and some of the elements are hidden behind some of the others.

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I gave the three elements -2, 0 and 2 as Z-values, but that did work, as the element with value -2 was shown in front of the other elements.

However, the problem was solved by changing the Z-value from -2 to -200.


This may be a bug, can you send me a sample plot file which can reproduce this issue? My mail is xavier.young[at], thanks.


Hi Ulrich Böttger, can you check this issue on the new released version? We wonder if it is solved.


Is this bug still exist? We can’t reproduce it anymore…

  1. The bug still exist, it is reported as Bug_0105 and will be fixed soon.

Yes, actually I think it does. I’ll try to repreoduce it and send you a plot file at the end of the week (or maybe longer…).


I can’t reproduce it. I’ll report it, if I run into the problem again.


Hi Ulrich, thanks for your infomation, this bug is confirmed as Bug_0105 and will be fixed in the next version.


Bug_0105 is fixed in V1.70


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