In my third day using the demo and when I try to run simulations which include accordions, drop boxes, tables, buttons, and hyperlinks; only the drop boxes and accordions work as expected. When I double-click on a row in the table, even though the action is to bring up another page, nothing happens. Hyperlinks look like hyperlinks but respond like text (in other words, the mouse over and mouse click do nothing). Clicking on buttons do nothing.

I first thought this was an issue with my work computer but the same behavior happens on my laptop. Any suggestions?

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Hi kmcculla1966,

If you find some actions are not executed as expected, most probably it is because it met some JavaScript syntax errors. Please make sure the expressions you input have correct formats. If you could not figure it out, you can send your plot file to and we can help you to check.


I forwarded the file to you guys on Friday.

  1. Yes I received the file and have replied your email.

    Also I wrote a blog post to introduce the method I am using to troubleshoot the simulation: <a href="; rel="nofollow"></a&gt;

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