I have installed fontawesome-webfont.ttf on my Windows 7 64-bit laptop, but the font is not avaible in ForeUI.

I have rebooted, but that did not fix it.

Can you help solving this issue?

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When I create a new plot, the “Plot Configure” dialog is set to open automatically. At that point I can see the “FontAwesome” font:


But when select the font, and afterwardsI insert a text label, the default “Text Label” is not shown and the font combobox is empty:


Staff October 5, 2016

Hi Ulrich, I did try fontawesome-webfont.ttf before, on both Mac OS X and Windows 7 64bit. It works perfectly in Mac OS, while has some display problem in Windows 7 64bit.

The problem is that, even the font is installed into the system, the Java virtual machine (in Windows 64 bit) may not display its font name correctly. As a result, the font name may be displayed as empty or something like [][][][][][][][]. But my experience is that, it still works in your plot, even if the font name is not displayed properly.

You can copy a character from this page , and then paste it into your ForeUI text element, then you should see the icon (if the font has been set to the correct one).


Ahh, I now see that it works in simulation, but since it is invisible in the editor, it is pretty useless, I’m afraid… :-/

Example with to Text Label element, both with the text “This is a test”. The font of the bottom one is “FontAwesome” and the text is invisible:


In simulation both texts are shown:


The font in the system for which I’m building prototypes is FontAwesome Webfont, so I would really like to see a fix for this. – And by the way I need the font for texts and not for icons.


Staff October 6, 2016

When I tried it in Mac OS and Windows 7, the text in this font is indeed visible in both editing mode and the simulation. In windows 7, only the font name can not be seen in the drop down list, while in Mac OS everything works perfectly.

Unfortunately, since we don’t do anything about handling the font, the font loading and rendering is done by the JVM directly, there is nothing we could do to “fix” it.

Maybe you can try different version of JRE?

BTW, if you don’t need the icons, why not just use a standard font?


As I wrote before, the font in the system for which I’m building prototypes is FontAwesome Webfont. That means that all text in the system is shown with that font, and I would like my prototype to look like the system.

If I could find another font that looks like FontAwesome Webfont, it would be fine…

I have one of the latest Java JRE Installed (Java 8 Update 91), and the Java version is controlled centrally be the company, so I can’t change it.


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ForeUI has two different ways of dealing with this problem: Font-Support Library and word hurdle Android System Fonts. The first is useful if your target platform already has a library available from which you can easily access any missing fonts.


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Have you already tried to confirm that the font file if it is installed correctly on your Windows 7 64-bit laptop? You can check the “C:\Windows\Fonts” directory to see if the font file is present. 



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