I have created 3 Group Frames all of which contain a series of Text Labels and Text Edit Boxes. to do so I temporarily enlarged my plot area to accomodate the 3 frames I then grouped them together. copied them and resized my plot area. I then pasted the group into a scrollable container, So far so good. Whne I ran the simulation none of the Text Labels in the scrollable container were visible.

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Hi Richard, maybe it is not the key but pasting the group will not put it into the scrollable container directly. You will have to hold the right mouse key to drag the group into the container.

However even the group is not actually in the container, it should still be displayed in the simulation. We can help you to check what happen if you could send your plot file to


The group is in the container and scrolls correctly in the simulation.

I will send you the plot.


Hi Richard, I just checked your plot and replied your email.

The problem is caused by an element with big Z value in the master page, such an element will cover elements in normal pages.


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