Can no longer load project with V 2.501. When trying to open the Plot the application hangs and eventually (> 5min) it loads only 1 screen with a small set of the controls on the page. It appears it’s missing all of the images I have.

I reverted back to 2.50 to continue to work. Has this been reported already?



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Hi Ed, for us the V2.50 and V2.501 is almost the same. Comparing with V2.50, the V2.501 just fix the bug below:

Bug_0249: Tabs element has incorrect hotspots in “Mac OS X” theme (under editing mode).

So I think the issue you meet may be caused by insufficient memory (so far ForeUI can use up to 300 MB memory). In next version (V2.52), ForeUI will display the memory usage status and provide the options to allow using more memory.


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