New Feature: Spinner element becomes interactive.

New Feature: New “value” element property for Spinner element.

New Feature: New “selectedText” element property for ComboBox element.

New Hotkeys:

Ctrl+W (Command+W in Mac OS) to close current editing plot.

Ctrl+I (Command+I in Mac OS) to show/hide image dock.

Ctrl+L (Command+L in Mac OS) to show/hide display controller.

Ctrl+E (Command+E in Mac OS) to show/hide element selector.

Ctrl+G (Command+G in Mac OS) to show/hide global property manager.

Enter or F2 to start editing the selected element.

Bug_0214: Some hotkeys (PageUp, PageDown, Left/Right/Up/Down etc.) do not work if any element editor is opened in another plot tab.

Bug_0215: Table Editor: the highlighted table cell should not accept newly input content without double clicking the cell (JRE 6 only).

Bug_0216: Dragging LineChart, BarChart or PieChart element to the editing area, no semi-transparent preview is displayed.

Bug_0217: Table element is not using “Comic Sans MS” as the default font in “Hand Drawing” UI theme.

Bug_0218: Wrong page titles in Slid Show when using excluded folders.

Bug_0219: Error happens when selecting the last item and then remove the item. (exist in list, tree, menu, menu bar and tabs)

Bug_0220: Should allow specifying icon of Vertical Tabs in the floating tool pane.

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