I thought I had read a post related to this, but cannot find it.

When changing the Id of an element, the expressions in actions need to be updated.

e.g. [TextEditBox_Date.value] needs to become [TextEditBox_DateEdit.value] if TextEditBox_Date element id is changed to TextEditBox_DateEdit.

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I think it is currently working in this way. Have you seen different behavior than this?


It didn’t do it when I did it with my SampleTemplate.4ui, but it has when I dropped the new Date Picker on to an empty plot.

Just noticed that when I ungrouped the group in this custom element, there are actions left orphaned pointing to a non-existant element.

Depending on the action, I can’t even edit the action to point to a different element. Try editing the set Hidden action on Calendar_Small -> Calendar Date CHanged event after you’ve ungrouped ‘Group_Date_Picker_Popup’, nothing happens.

Solutions include:
* Remove all actions pointing to a non-existant element, clear expression references (not ideal).
* Have a window showing a list of validation errors that can be edited quickly

Perhaps when deleting an element you can check for any actions referencing it and ask user to confirm Delete, and even possibly to select another element to replace the references to.

As plots get more complex, ensuring consistency as you make changes gets harder to track.


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