DHTML export hanging

My DHTML export hangs on 90% – can you please advise where I should start troubleshooting?

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Hi fretief,

You can take a look at the “foreui.log” file under the “log” folder in the installation directory, and paste its content here to provide more informations.

If you could send us your plot file (to, we will help you to check.



I do not have a foreui.log file or even a log folder – running on windows 7 – I have emailed the plot file as requested. It will come from my Nutrimetics address




Hi – I emailed my plot file as requested, but have not had any feedback yet – please advise

  1. Hi Ferdi, actually I have replied your email on last Thursday but you seems have not received it. My reply was that we can export your DHTML successfully on our side.

Hi – Just exported again but to a different location and this time it worked fine – must be a permission problem – thanks for your help

  1. Glad to know it is solved :-)

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