I have trial of your program and I ́ve been trying to do a basic thing with it. I have image attached here to demonstrate it. I ́m trying to do behavior where you could select “Choose from alternatives” from combobox which would make the small “Your question box” (selected in the picture” visible. So it would be hidden until you choose the “Choose from alternatives” from combobox.

However I don ́t know if I ́m doing this right because the simulation never loads. If I remove the behavior the simulation loads instantly. So where ́s the problem. Your program could be very helpful and I might buy it if I could solve this problem.

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Tried to do it by this tutorial, but taking enormously long time to load it or I can ́t tell if it ever loads…any suggestions?….


Hi Toumas,

Please use quote marks to quote the “Choose from alternatives” text in the expression. Like this:

Is Condition “{ComboBox_2.selectedText} == ‘Choose from alternatives’ ” Satisfied?

Without the quote marks the simulation will meet a Javascript error and the loading will halt.

Let us know if that helps.


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