We have noticed that setting the font size in the text label components does not actually represent the true size (if you recreate the text in MS Word for example, ForeUI’ fonts are always smaller by about 2 or 3 size increments).

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Hi Katy,

I understand why you ask this. I have two computers and they all have MS Word installed. One of has bigger font size than ForeUI, while the other one has not. It seems that MS Word’s actual font size is affected by other factors.

Please use the font size in web browser as the “true” size. If you run ForeUI simulation in the web browser, you will see the text in browser has the same size with that in ForeUI. If you use web debugger (such as Firebug) to inspect the actual CSS style of the text label, it is exactly the same size that you set in ForeUI.


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