In creating my own custom widget, I came across two potential bugs:

1) The thumbnail of the custom widget was generated very tall (see the attached image) compared to the other custom widgets. I was using a canvas size of 1024×768 and even re-saving this widget caused the same issue.

2) Custom Widgets are independent of projects but I noticed that the custom widget I created was missing items from it when used outside of the project it was originally created in.

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Thanks for the report.

1) Bug confirmed. Although I can not find the attached image, I can reproduce this bug on our side. We will fix it soon.

2) Custom widgets are designed to be project independent. Can you tell us the details to reproduce the error?


2) I simply created a project and decided to create a custom file selection widget that mimics the one in OS X. I added it as a custom element and noticed the problem when trying to use the widget in a different project.


That’s odd… We did similar things before, but have not meet the problem yet. Can you sent us the customized element file (.fce file in “customize” folder) ? Thus we can analyze the problem.
You can send mail to


I will email you the file.


Thanks, I’ve received the files.
It seems that the tree icons are missing when using the customized element in new project, we will check it now.


Yes… It is a bug and we already understand it. The fixing will be available in next version. But you may need to re-create the customized element.


The second issue is reported as Bug_0076 and have been fixed in V1.45


Yes, thank you. I also figure out how to get my old widgets to work with the new release.


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